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Teaching came as a natural extension of Anna's love and passion for creative expression through voice and music.

Since 2007, in addition to having an active career on stage, Anna has taught singing lessons and worked as a performance coach to people of all ages from beginner to advanced in their technique. Anna also teaches private beginner piano lessons.

Anna was the founder and coordinator for the adult vocal ensemble "The Vocal Chords", a community-based singing group that is comprised of people who all have a love for music and singing and who want an opportunity to express themselves through their voice in a non-audition, and non-judgmental environment.


Anna maintains a private teaching studio where she nurtures students of all levels and ages on their musical journey. She has taught voice at The Granite Club in Toronto and Musical Arts Academy in Etobicoke to students from ages 5 years and up.  

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Student Testimonials 

"I love my singing sessions with The Vocal Chords! Where else could I have such fun,

stress-free singing experiences with a wonderful instructor/leader and  a really nice group of people?" ~ Liz Addison


"I have been involved with The Vocal Chords for 2 and a half years. During that time I have gained a lot more self confidence. Anna Bateman is a terrific teacher and our whole group has benefited from her experience. I look forward to every session and our annual performances." ~ Diane Ross


"I had always wanted to join a singing class, but I was a little hesitant due to my lack of both experience and skill. The Vocal Chords have really provided me with the chance to explore and experiment with my voice through a singing group. Being one of the many original members from the start I have grown in both my ability to read music and my vocal technique.  Anna has helped me to identify my issues precisely and guided me to develop my skills with patience. The interaction between the group members creates a positive, supportive and yet relaxed learning environment. There isn't a time  I finish the class without feeling delighted and a sense of accomplishment. Going in to our fourth year I am proud to say I am addicted to The Vocal Chords, and wish for many more years to come."~ Benny Lo



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